Derek C. Dashti

(BS, MS - Bioengineering;  

PhD - Bioinnovation/Regenerative Medicine)

Founder, Inventor, & CEO


Dhruv Sanghavi

(BS, MS - Reg. Affairs in Drugs, Biologics, & Devices @ Northeastern/MIT)

Joshua G. Ibarra

(BS - Biology & Entrepreneurship)

Board of Advisors

1) Dr. Aline Betancourt (PhD) – Tulane University Adjunct Professor in immunology & the regenerative medicine departments. Founder & CSO of Commence Bio, Inc.

2) Dr. Ruth Waterman (MD) – UC San Diego School of Medicine Anesthesiologist faculty. Co-founder & CMO of Commence Bio.

3) Tom Isett (BSc.) - CEO of Commence Bio & Senior Advisor at Popper and Co. [] (advisory firm for mergers and acquisitions of medical technologies). He is an accomplished intrapreneur with 27 years of progressive management experience in start-up, integrative, growth, and turnaround situations.

3) Dr. Jed Johnson (PhD) – Material Science Eng. and founder & CTO of Nanofiber Solutions. Nanofiber Solutions developed the materials for the world’s first implantable trachea.

4) Dr. Solange Abdulnour-Nakhoul (PhD) – Tulane University Professor at the School of Medicine - Dept. of Gastroenterology.

5) Dr. Gail Naughton (PhD, MBA) - CEO of Histogen, Inc. & Chairman of the Board for the company. She has more than 25 years of tissue engineering research experience, holds more than 95 U.S. and foreign patents, and has been extensively published in the tissue-engineering field.  

6) Dr. Michael Bouvet (MD) - UC San Diego Professor of Surgery - Division of Surgical Oncology

7) Dr. Steven Lee (MD) - UC Los Angeles Professor of Clinical Surgery and Pediatrics. Chief of Pediatric Surgery at Harbor-UCLA 

8) Jim Nelson (BA, MBA) -  Managing Director at Knosys Investments

​9) Tapan Mukerji (BS) - Vice President of Biomedical Devices of Kansas (BMDK) and advisor to medical device start up companies in USA and India 

Nicholas Pashos

(BS - Biomedical Engineering; PhD - Bioinnovation/Regenerative Medicine)

​​​Lead Entrepreneur

Derek holds over 12 years of stem cell tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research experience. He is a doctoral NSF Fellow as well as a National University Innovation Fellow and has received core training of translating biomedical academic research from “bench side” to “bed side."



Director of Strategy



Data Strategist/


Smart biomaterials for regenerating damaged organs


Repairing a damaged esophagus (organ providing food to the stomach)

Karolina Kosakowska

(BS - Chemistry; PhD - Bioinnovation/Chemistry)

The team holds over 22 years of stem cell tissue engineering/regenerative medicine research experience and over 17 years of translational/regulatory biomedical business experience.

Regenerative medicine