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"Off-the-shelf" Implant

Regenerating a damaged esophagus

Regenerative Medicine

         Smart biomaterials for regenerating damaged organs


We are developing an implantable, bioresorbable medical device to functionally regenerate a damaged esophagus within the body. Our device will treat those suffering from advanced Barrett's Esophagus (chronic regurgitation of stomach acid), esophageal cancer and in pediatrics where birth defects of the esophagus and poisonous ingestions are fatal addressing the $10 billion U.S. annual market. Our product improves the standard of care by avoiding surgical reconstruction from the stomach (gastric pull up) and saves over $240,000 per treatment as compared to the standard.

D&P's device can serve as a platform tech for other areas such as regenerating damaged blood vessels, nerves, muscle, tendons/ligaments, and gastrointestinal ulcers. The technology development has been tested in 6 different diseased animal models.

Platform Technology

Repairing a damaged esophagus (organ providing food to the stomach)

One Minute Pitch at Rice University