Repairing a damaged esophagus (organ providing food to the stomach)

How Does the Innovation work?

We are developing an implantable, bioresorbable medical device to functionally regenerate a damaged esophagus within the body. Our device will treat those suffering from severe GERD/ advanced Barrett's Esophagus (chronic regurgitation of stomach acid), esophageal cancer and in pediatrics where birth defects of the esophagus and poisonous ingestions are fatal addressing the $20 billion U.S. annual market. Our product improves the standard of care by avoiding surgical reconstruction from the stomach (gastric pull up) and saves over $240,000 per treatment as compared to the standard.

"Off-the-shelf" Implant

Regenerating a Damaged Esophagus

One Minute Pitch at Rice University

Regenerative medicine

Smart biomaterials for regenerating damaged organs

​​Platform Technology


D&P's device can serve as a platform tech for other indications such as regenerating damaged blood vessels, nerves, muscle, tendons/ligaments, and gastro-intestine. The technology development has been tested in 6 different diseased animal models and has the potential to impact the global regenerative medicine market that is expected to accrue > $100B by mid 2020s.